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Jan, 26 2018
The Lebanese Society of Oral Surgery
Jan, 16 2018
Lebanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry
Nov, 04 2017
اليوم العلمي لندوة طب الاسنان في حزب الكتائب اللبنانية
Jul, 08 2017
التجمع الاسلامي لاطباء الاسنان
Apr, 23 2017
مكتب النقابات والمهن الحرة في حركة امل - دائرة اطياء الاسنان
Apr, 07 2017
Lebanese Society of Endodontology
Mar, 24 2017
Lebanese Orthodontic Society
Feb, 24 2017
Lebanese Society of Prosthodontics
Oct, 12 2016
Beirut international Dental Meeting 2016
Feb, 07 2018
Application for LDA Committees
Feb, 18 2018
Pioneers in Dentistry 2018
Apr, 19 2018
JO2018, 13e Journées Odontologiques 2018
The word 'braces' brings to mind a 'pimply teenager' with a mouthful of wires. This need not be the case though, for increasingly beauty or personality conscious people are going in for braces.
Swollen Gums
Change of gums from a thin, well-adapted, continuous covering around the teeth to a thick swollen red mass, may not only appear unsightly, but also acts as a platform for further destruction of healthy teeth and supporting bone.
Bad Breath
Many people worry about bad breath, either their own or someone else’s. The advertising media have made much of the social stigma arising from ‘offensive breath’ to their own advantage. Bad breath or halitosis may indicate a dental problem, but this may not always be the case.
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